Unlocking Profession Slots

Profession Slots Grid

There are 9 profession slots total in Profession Task menu (N), where you can have your craftsmen (Person Assets) gather or make things for you using resources and Tool Assets.

Profession slots unlock gradually or after meeting specific criteria.

3 profession slots are gained just by leveling your character and unlock when:

  • character reaches lv10
  • character reaches lv30
  • character reaches lv60

4 profession slots unlock by leveling crafting itself:

  • get any Profession to level 3
  • get any Profession to level 10
  • get any Profession to level 20
  • get any 3 Professions to level 20

If you want those unlocked relatively fast, it’s good to start with Alchemy or profession that produces armor/weapons for your class. In my experience Leadership is the slowest to get to lv20 – it slows down significantly after lv11, and just drags on after lv14. Alchemy is great for a starting character, as you can only have one experimentation/ research task, the ones that leveling Alchemy is based on (so having more slots won’t speed up the process here). You may struggle initially, but after you reach Alchemy lv7 where normal potions are produced, you can practically catapult yourself to 20. After lv14 the Alchemy leveling speed is drastically faster than anything else.

For your first 3 professions I recommend Alchemy, manufacturing armor for your class and creating weapons for your class. You can also swap one of those with Leadership, if you don’t mind unlocking slots tad slower. Of course the more slots you have unlocked, the faster leveling your next profession will be.

Last 2 profession slots require special conditions to get:

  • complete a task with at least a 100% speed bonus
  • complete a task and earn the Rank 3 reward


Person Assets grant speed bonus. You will need to find a task, that utilizes optional assets and allows you to use more than one Person to be able to achieve 100% speed bonus. Usually mass gathering or mass processing allow 3 more. Crafting a final product (like pants, shirt, armor, etc) gets you 3 additional as well. There are some other options, so just browse through the task list.

Having 4 slots (1 mandatory and 3 optional) and required 100% speed increase, it’s easy to calculate, that you will need minimum 25% speed bonus per slot. This exact amount is granted by any blue Master craftsman. So you will need 4 Masters minimum. Grandmasters grant 50% speed bonus, so only 2 would do, but since 1 Grandmaster usually costs about the same as 5 Masters, it’s much cheaper to go with 4 blue Masters.


Rank 1/ 2/ 3 rewards have nothing to do with item colour quality. Rank 3 (sometimes called Tier) is NOT a purple quality item. Green and blue items can have tier 3 reward as well.  Tiered rewards can be seen mainly in tasks producing a final product (like pants, shirts, other equipment) also some other non standard ones (like batch of potions or batch of dyes). Higher tier rewards produce the same item, but with slightly better stats, added equipment slots, or more items in batch.

Tool Assets influence rank increase. With no tools, you have always 100% chance to craft tier 1 and 0% for rank 2 or rank 3. With one mandatory tool, you have 8-40% chance to craft tier 2 depending what quality Tool you used. You can also use optional slots, so usually you have 4 tool slots total to try to reach rank 3.

4 quality blue tools, each +24%, grant you 96% chance to craft rank 2 reward. So 4 blue tools are not enough for rank 3. You will need at least one purple tool to get that last profession slot open. The basic minimum, one purple and 3 blue tools gets you 12% chance for tier 3. The best you can do is 4 purple tools (so 4x 40% is 160%, which after 100% gives you 60% chance for rank 3 reward). Even having the best tools, you’ll need to craft a couple of items to get lucky with tier 3, as it’s not 100% guaranteed.

Profession Slots Unlocks - Rank 3 & 100% Speed


8 thoughts on “Unlocking Profession Slots

  1. Godzhand 8 May 2014 at 09:48 Reply

    wow, nice site. but nowhere do you mention artifacts or at what lvl you receive the artifact quest

    • Narayan 8 May 2014 at 19:08 Reply

      Well, those were added after I stopped playing. And since then I don’t update the site anymore. One can’t jot down notes on something one doesn’t do 🙂 Anyway, you yourself can always add a comment under an appropriate post that contains missing info – thanks!

  2. Vic Toyz 8 May 2014 at 10:16 Reply

    Also advice for those who gonna level alchemy. Don’t level it as soon as you get basic alchemy knowledge assets, keep your rank 1 experiments until you get at least 10 of them, because you will be needed more time for experiments rank 3-5. Or at least keep your minor potions of tidespan, fortification, force, rejuvenation. I made a mistake, I used all of them and then I realized that I need them for experiments.

    • Narayan 8 May 2014 at 19:03 Reply

      When I played you couldn’t stack those (maybe that changed now, don’t know). If you needed 2 and happened to succeed 2, then they just stopped “dropping”. I tried to stack them as well up front, but after crafting the required amount, the next 12-15 tries yielded nothing substantial. So I leveled the rest on the fly. Still goes much faster than anything else. And yes, the hint to hoard all the minor potions is very useful.

  3. donsrbin 23 September 2014 at 15:13 Reply

    Can you get rank 3 reward with alchemy? Also, is that the cheapest profession for rank 3 reward? Thanks 🙂

    • Narayan 7 October 2014 at 16:53 Reply

      When I still played, you could by crafting batch of potions or batch of dyes (rank 3 was to obtain max items in the batch). I don’t know the AH prices now, but back in the day the item you crafted didn’t matter. The cost was largely generated by proper crafting tools that you have to slot in (at least 1 purple + 3 blue).

  4. DCI_Crafter 4 December 2014 at 23:42 Reply

    Do you know which profession and profession level first offers the ability to provide include enought assets to attempt to achieve the tier/rank 3 result? I opened a bunch of toon slots and want to know how soon i could unlock that slot.

    • DCI_Crafter 4 December 2014 at 23:44 Reply

      Oops, I poorly edited that. Please ignore the word “provide.”

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